Sağlıklı Yaşam İçin Doğru Koltuk Seçimi

Choosing the Right Seat for a Healthy Life

Considering that office workers spend at least 8 hours a day sitting, office chairs gain even more importance in business life. Seats with ergonomic features stand out in terms of health and help prevent posture disorders. For an average sized person to sit comfortably, the office chair should be at a height of 30-50 cm. It would be appropriate to adjust the screen eye distance between 40-75 cm and a minimum angle of 20 degrees. Obtaining a correct sitting position increases the efficiency of office life at the same rate. While sitting on the chair, the "S" shape, which is the normal shape of the spine, must be preserved, the back area should be in full contact with the seat and the lumbar pit should be supported.

An important part of the health problems that occur in the waist and back, especially in advanced ages, are caused by incorrect sitting positions. Individuals who raise awareness on this issue at an early age can take early precautions against future health problems. You can visit for armchairs that will support your health in terms of ergonomics both at home and in the office.